Spreadsheet Automation

  • Working on a deadline and you have still won’t be able to complete it before due date?
  • Who said making monthly reports of employees would be a tedious task?
  • Bored of doing the same things repeatedly? And wish it could be done automatically?
  • We will automate all your dull, boring, time-stealing repetitive tasks and win back that precious time of yours so that you can put it in better use.


Despite the very define set of features in the standard Excel user interface (UI), one might want to find an easier and alternative way to perform a mundane, repetitive task, or to perform some task that the UI does not seem to address. VBA gives you the ability to extend those applications. Excel when powered with VBA gives extremely high operational efficiency as compared to working with the conventional Excel front-end functionalities and features. Hours of data handling and computations can be done in few minutes with minimal manual intervention. Thus, completely avoiding chances of human error.

Cons of Manual work

Error Prone

Person Dependent

Time consuming

Wastage of man power

Pros of Automating

Error Proof

Very fast

Process Driven

Not Person Dependent or wastage of man power

Cost Effective

Increased Job Satisfaction

Not many companies realise that automating involves more than creating a software for your current process, they only focus on automating the current process rather than using new technologies and softwares to make automation better and work easier for the clients.

As a part of our development process, we make sure that we do complete research of your business process until we have proper understanding of how exactly your process works. Your actual process understanding is coded to automate the existing process to run much faster, to improve the business.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Automating data processes is on your computer can save a lot of time, man power and can also reduce cost. An hour of complex data processing can be done in merely 5 seconds on Microsoft Excel by increasing the consistency and effectiveness of repetitive tasks. We use Microsoft VBA in excel for automating the repetitive tasks.

Dynamic Monthly Reports

At the end of each month, you can send graphical reports or a copy of the worksheet to designated emails. After opening it, they can then follow the prompts to fill in the report

Upload Data in any ERP system

Imagine you need to download a data from SAP, which runs into several millions records, to validate with respect to group policies and then your required to post back in XML format. It would involve huge number of man hour with lot of careful analysis by the employee. The entire process can be written using VBA codes, so that we get 100% accuracy and XML file made to be uploaded in SAP.

If you fall in any of the below mentioned situations, then you are in need of automation and our services can be of help:

Cleaning/ Pre processing

Situation – My initial few minutes are always wasted in converting the file into Excel since my base system gives me the data in CSV format which have a lot of unwanted and blank columns.

Solution: A custom made ‘data – specific’ cleaning procedure can be created for this task. Your data will be cleaned and ready for usage in a couple of seconds with just a few clicks.


Situation – The data provided by the sales team executives needs to be consolidated on a daily basis to achieve a clear picture of the sales. This process is time consuming and adds no value to the business.

Solution: We can build a ‘Data consolidation tool’ with a multiple-file selection feature which will consolidate the data from all selected files into a single spreadsheet with a click of a single button.


Situation – A pivot table needs to be made to sum up and count the key data values since my raw data has columns which have to be looked up in 5 different sheets.

Solution: A custom made analysis tool can be created to analyse data for such routine tasks.

Report Generation

Situation – I have to create 5 different report charts which include 2 bar charts and 3 graph lines on a daily basis.

Solution: A report generation macros can be created in order to make charts and graphs with minimum manual intervention.

With the help of our skilled team, you can transfer all your data from an existing word file or excel sheet directly into a chart which is present in the Excel Sheet prepared by you. You no longer require long working hours to make data entry into charts and continuously referring to the former word file, you can just directly transfer the data into the next file. At the end of the month, you can present an interactive graphical report or spreadsheet for your employees or your boss via mail. Thus, reducing effort and time consumption.

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Call us to Get rid of your Muda!

Muda is a Japanese word for Futility or Uselessness. And our company’s motto is to help our clients get rid of their Muda. If your work process is kind of an obstacle from achieving your goals by delaying it or making it difficult to work on, then it is Muda and you should get rid of it immediately.

Using simple techniques like VBA, etc we will automate your process to make it consistent and scalable

Call our team of experts for a FREE 1 day pilot and give us an opportunity to reduce MUDA from your workplace.  Based on the results, you can then engage us for projects.  If it is not effective, it’s on us!