Businesses which are under more than one tax authorities desperately try to reduce their overall tax liability and discharge statutory obligations in foreign jurisdictions. The economic emigrants doing businesses over the world need an understanding over the term, Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) in order that the international relocation does not result in juridical double taxation.

We provide the following international tax services:

  • Advisory services with reference to the DTAAs between India and various countries
  • Issues connected with e-commerce taxation
  • Assistance with withholding tax obligations of foreign companies in India
  • Assistance to expatriates regarding tax implications under the DTAA on international relocation

Transfer Pricing

The transfer pricing provisions demand businesses to maintain extensive documentation to support their inter-company pricing, especially with reference to third party com parables. This obligation, coupled with the quantum of taxes involved and the strategic nature of inter-company pricing makes it imperative for businesses to maintain robust and defendable transfer pricing documentation.

We provide the following transfer pricing services:

  • Transfer pricing related advisory services
  • Transfer pricing studies and analysis
  • Litigation support and representation before tax authorities.