Understands the nature of your business to help you assess and identify the right candidates with the respective set of skills and experience that fits your criteria.

Now Advisory specialises in recruitment for Finance and Account domain or permanent, contract or temporary positions.

Executive Recruitment

Now Advisory offers you the recruitment of the credentialed experts who have ample experience to fulfill your needs. Through experience we understand the necessity of our clients inside out which helps us find the better solutions. We will help you locate the perfect executives with exemplary experience, outlook and approach in the most timely and efficient manner. We call it the MAD philosophy – Making A Difference.

When our partners approach us, we try to find a unique solution for them every time. We go out of our way to understand their unique requirements. We search for the right individual who has the right zeal and has the right amount of competence to fulfill our partner’s requirement.

Corporate Training

Now Advisory believes that different clients have different goals. If goals are different then how can one have a generic path? So we run discrete and tailor made programs for our partners. We understand the needs of our partners, spoken or unspoken, so training executives for each client takes a different road all together. Training is the key to unlocking an individual’s full potential and Now Advisory makes sure that individuals attain their full potential and achieve greater career progress.

Enterprise Risk Management

Internal Audit

Sarbanes Oxley

Fraud Review

Business Continuity Planning

Data Privacy


Presentation Skills

Accountancy and Financial Statement Analysis

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a vast process which helps an individual to reach the brim of his/her professional capacity. Not many people understand that basic coaching won’t help them grow in their career just because it helped a few others.

Perhaps, in spite of your outstanding track record, you haven’t yet gained the full flair that is required of a senior post.

But if one thinks that only the right kind of coaching can help them climb up the corporate ladder, they are absolutely wrong. There are lot more things like patience, being open to feedbacks and welcoming healthy criticism, the right kind of attitude and flexibility in handling a given situation.

When given more responsibilities; For example – Promotions, stretched assignments or other challenging possibilities, coaching becomes really effective. It helps you sharpen your skills in making you more responsible for taking up the tasks which in return makes your superiors content. It also helps you gain a positive attitude and behaviour towards your close confidants who report to you. Coaching proves beneficial during these times because it gives you the incentive to finish new tasks.

Coaching not only helps you deal with the new challenges but it also helps you tackle old problems that your colleagues and bosses have been trying to solve for ages. It gives you an outer perspective to look at the problem differently and helps you to think out of the box to solve the problem.

One increasingly common use of coaching for a senior executive focuses on the challenge of managing younger or newer colleagues, and on helping executives better understand and lead a new generation of employees whose work ethics and values are different. One of the biggest advantage of having a coach is he/she helps you reach your goal by showing you the correct path.