Doing Business in India

India is know to be an attractive investment destination in the global market. For almost a decade Multinational Enterprises (MNE) from around the globe have been investing in India via the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) route.

Our Services

Now Advisory Services a complete package from start to end Advisory and Planning for investment endeavors to follow ups with Compliance and Regulatory support service.

Some of the key services that Now Advisory Services provides are:

Form of business presence

Now Advisory Services provides analysis and advice to various sectors of the business such as Company, Branch office, Project office, Liaison office, etc, based on the business requirement.

Investment structure and Income streams

Now Advisory Services provides advice that enables MNEs to develop a lucrative investment plan that is completely result oriented.

Investment instruments

Now Advisory Services not only assist in evaluating different investments methods such as Equity, Convertible Preference Shares or Debentures, but also expertise in analysing and identifying state-wise incentives and subsidies available to upcoming industries. Furthermore, we support MNEs that are keen on investing in India, guiding them through the logistic and operational cost along with a complete background of overlapping tax legislations.

Compliance & Regulatory Support

We also provide complete support with procedures like obtaining of statutory registration and all approvals required to begin any kind of commercial activity for establishing a business in India. The support service can be extended services such as the Tax Advisory & Compliance service and Audit service requirements for MNEs.

Some of the obvious issues to be addressed are:

Routing Investments in India

Structuring investment in Indian Entity

Repatriation of Income and Investment

Compliance with FDI Regulations

Incentives/Subsidies for Setting up a new Industry

Structuring of cross bored transactions i.e. Royalty, Technical fees, etc.

Operating Tax Structure such as Customers Duty(for imports in India), Excise duty(for manufacturing), Service Tax(tax on services), VAT(tax on sale of goods)etc.