Direct Taxation

Tax planning & Filing of Returns for all entities viz., Individuals, HUF's, Firms, Companies, Trusts, etc.

Investment and Tax Structuring & Consultancy for High Net Worth Individuals. TDS & Withholding tax compliance

Tax Audits under Income Tax Act, 1961

Preparation of returns

Representations for regular assessments, appeals before CIT, ITAT, High Court

Consultancy in tax matters & tax planning

Foreign taxation consultancy

Indirect Taxation

Health Check

One of the key requirements for a company to attain sustainable business growth is elimination of potential risk factors as they arise. A major concern that confronts Corporates is the plethora of Indirect Tax regulations that pose an inherent tax risk to business if the Regulations are not complied with and/or implemented suitably.
A large number of case studies have shown that many businesses have faced the wrath of large tax liability caused due to unawareness of possible risk factors or aggressive tax positioning. Both situations result in considerable and unjustifiable tax cost for the company.
Another challenge that Corporates face on this front are frequent changes in Regulations, impact of tax jurisprudence and ineffectiveness of Audit processes and internal control.
In this background, it is pertinent for Corporates to carry out a Health-check review of Indirect Tax compliances on a daily basis that provide two-fold benefit : firstly, it brings to our eyes probable risk areas and secondly, it also helps identify benefits that can be legitimately obtained.

Central Excise & Customs

Excise duty is levied on manufacture of goods while Customs duty is generally levied on import of goods. Businesses which are into manufacturing goods and importing have to pay a lot of money because of these duties. Now Advisory helps you to plan your business in such a way that unnecessary taxation can be avoided.
We provide the following services in the above areas:
o Obtaining initial registrations
o Filing of periodical returns and remittance of tax dues
o Minimisation of tax exposure, structuring business transactions
o Assist in compliance with procedures, availing of tax benefits, etc
o Assistance during assessments
o Litigation services involving strategy, preparation and filing of appeals and representation before the authorities


o Registration
o Structuring of contracts and transactions to optimise indirect tax incidence
o Reviewing contract documentation
o Filing of periodicals returns
o Assessment
o Issue of necessary forms
o Appeals

Service Tax

We have rich experience in offering service tax matters consultancy which are vital in the current scenario. Our range of services include
o Consultancy on Services as per the applicability of Service tax Act
o Registration
o Filing of returns
o Maintenance of Records
o Assessment / handling departmental audits
o Appellate and legal matters

Goods and Service Tax (GST)

Our country, India is on the threshold of GST implementation. GST wants simplify the existing multiple Indirect tax structure into a simpler tax management by combining various federal and state taxes such as excise, service tax, VAT and other state taxes into a single tax. There is a dual GST envisaged in India; Federal GST and State GST. The combined rate of GST is expected to be in the range of 18 to 20%. GST will help reduce the descending effect of taxes whereby the prices of goods will come down. GST will also entail taking credit of taxes paid on inter-state transactions with until now has been a cost for the inter-state buyer of goods. We will offer full-fledged GST advisory and implementation services once it is applied.